Welcome To Our New Shop!

Welcome To Our New Shop!


Welcome to our new shop and our very first blog post!

So where did this shop come from? Formerly Sherman's Barkery, loaded with yummy, limited ingredient, wheat free dog treats and Lavender Poppy Studio, where we offer our artwork and handmade gifts. Both shops have been on Etsy for quite some time but we've decided it's time to move on to bigger and better things. We've had a love/hate relationship with Etsy for a while but lately, it's been more hateful. Etsy is like stepping into a black hole and just floating around, hoping someone finds your shop. And here's Etsy: "Oh, you're not paying for ads? You'll show up 5 pages in."  Not giving free shipping on orders over $30? "You'll be 7 pages in." So we got tired of being invisible and merged the two shops and opened Pug & Poppy Studio.

So who is this "we" I'm talking about? It's me, Susan who does all the baking, artwork (except for Ebby's paintings) and crafty gifts. I'm the only human here and then there are my bosses, all rescues - Daryl, the man of the house and a couple light bulbs short of a full pack.  Ebby the Bugg, Miss Fatty Patty, who is the newest in the group and just loves everything and everyone. (Imagine Mrs. Doubtfire's voice) Ebby has her own line of paintings to help offset some of her medical expenses. She came to us with a high level of kidney disease but thankfully, her daily sub-cutaneous treatments have backed off her numbers some and she's doing great.  Katie is the senior of the group. The sweetest pug who ever lived. Definitely Betty White in pug form. And then there's Izzy.  She is absolutely the leader of the pack. Two speeds - 100 mph and sleeping.  She puts up with no BS and gives zero fu**s whether you like it or not. Forever diligent in protecting the property from neighbors who have the gall to be in their yard or leaves that have the nerve to fall from the trees. And because of all this, she is my spirit animal. These four-legged bosses are truly slave drivers and Izzy says that I'm getting fat and lazy and need to get off the computer and make more cookies for them to taste test.  Meat Squid (pictured) is also a constant friend of the shop.

For those of you who are familiar with our Sherman's Barkery shop, you'll notice that I have simplified it. (And no, Izzy, it's not because I'm lazy!) Six flavors plus our Teeny Tinies in four flavors. We're hoping it makes it easier to place your orders.  Then what's exciting is that every month, there will be a flavor of the month; only available that month and at a discounted price. Every so often, we'll throw in another special flavor or two for a limited time. So if you're looking for a specific flavor, keep an eye out!

July's Flavor of the Month

What do you think of when you think of summer? Sunburn? Mosquitos? Scary fireworks? Broken A/C? Yes. But besides that, how about juicy strawberries and fat, sweet blueberries? In honor of the tastes of summer, we're putting Teddy Bearies in the shop for the month of July. Teddy bear shaped cookies, in two sizes. Wheat free treats with strawberries, wild blueberries and dried cranberries.

These luscious cookies are named after one of Sherman's Barkery's favorites, Teddy Bear who used to live here with us but decided that he couldn't live with Daryl anymore and packed his little suitcase to live with his most favorite person, his Jessie. He thought he was escaping the torment of living with Daryl and the others and that he would be the star of the show - the only child. But Teddy's bliss was short lived because he now has a sister- Maple, who is a 60 pound, black lab mix version of Daryl. It's ok because Teddy is a pro at using his rolling eyes and dirty looks to get his way. Although, Teddy does, reluctantly, come back to stay with us along with his new sister, Maple so then he has to put up with Daryl AND Maple at the same time.

Teddy Bearies will be available only from July 1st until July 31st at a special price of $10 for a half pound bag and $17 for a full pound bag.

New Artwork Available!

We've got lots of really neat artwork in the shop - paintings, paper crafts, candles and gifts. You know you need a new piece of art to hide that weird spot on your wall!

Psychedelic Psylouhettes

These groovy little puppers have definitely jumped through a time portal from the 1960's. Multi media; 5 x 7 inch canvas boards. Silhouettes of different breeds in bright, neon acrylic paint, ink and glitter. Each piece is signed and numbered. Stand/easel included but we have also attached a hanger to the back so they can be hung on the wall. 


Whimsical Fairy House Painting

Speaking of magical mushrooms. JK. But who can resist this magical fairy house, set in a midsummer evening? Glowing windows and a purple door that always means there's magic inside, inviting you to come for a visit.  Can't you just hear the crickets?  8x10 in acrylic on stretched canvas. 

7 oz Customizable Rainbow Bridge Soy Candles

The loss of a beloved pet is never easy. But these candles can offer some comfort. Hand poured, soy wax in relaxing Tea & Lemongrass scent. Sprinkled with dried green tea leaves and lemongrass leaves. Added to that are moonstone gems which are good for all stages of grief. And then carnelian gems which have warming and comforting properties that can help you gain inner strength and courage after you have navigated the first, most raw stages of loss. The front has the label "Forever In My Heart" and the back is customizable for a silhouette of your dog and their name. They are a beautiful reminder of your best friend and also make a loving gift for others.


Bumblebee & Daisies 8x8 Layered Artwork 

Where's the hive? Because the honey must be amazing! This bee will never sting you. Multi-layered card stock comes together to form this beautiful, summery picture of a golden bumble bee landing on a bed of fresh, white daisies. 8x8 solid wood frame with glass front to protect the piece. Capable of standing on a table but has a picture hanger on the back.

Sugar Skull 5x5 Layered Artwork 

It's always spooky season in this shop! But how gorgeous is this Sugar Skull? A wooden 5x5 frame surrounds this multi-layer, shadowbox. Bright, festive colors and mounted in the frame on a golden glitter background. Frame is open in the front; has a picture hanger on the back or can be hung by the twine cord.

If you don't already follow us, head on over to Instagram. You can find us, updates on cookies, artwork and all our puggy shenanigans. @PugAndPoppy

Happy July, Ya'll!

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